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Why we served him (hear it live)

Why we served him (hear it live)

“And this is why you never stop

studying the game”

I have no reason to still be buying a book on the game everyday (like I used too 24 years ago ) but

I still love the game as much as I used too and I want to be the best to ever come out of this life being legit and a macaroni.

And so I buy a book and never read it before but looking for energy in between running my daily business and having to pay my employees checks and take care of my broads and my kids and everything else that a grown up player has to do.

Anyway so I’m reading and this he said something that we all do but I never thought of why…

The author said that he would always serve a guy when he knocked him (like we all do) and then we serve him to let him know she is with you now and to get whatever is serious and important to the b___ (like her son or daughters school records birth certificates and social cards etc and with these new suckers the b__ ID etc)

And what he said was cool…

Instead of thay reason

He said “we call the last guy to let him know

she is with him now but also (here’s the part I never heard put like this)

But he said we call him to see if she

“has anything of his that he needs”

Like to avoid any confusion that the last guy might bring up (like she has my phone under contract, or my moms ring or any f___ing thing that he could use as a bulls___ her out of pocket before you get there or to give you any problems at all.

Hear the live class today for $250, tomorrow it will cost $1,000. So buy it now bro

This may not be offered again, the more I think about it. Like I may be offering too much game to the brothers outside of my crew. #secret society only ya dig

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