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Why most men don’t get women and why we do

Why most men don’t get women and why we do

You ever wonder why some of us get so many women and why you don’t?

I am the honorable boss hogg macaroni, a veteran and I’ll give you the answer real quick.

We make women comfortable!

So many men try to rush pass this part and so they are never really trusted by the women that they talk too.

You can’t get rich without trust.

Anyway, today I am going to take you into just one story of me and just one of my women and how that trust was built.

The beginning

I shot her a dm and so she looked at my page and as I remember (me and her talk about this in the course offered below)

When I first met her it was online and she was not interested deeply but she was slightly curious..

And that was all I needed

I gave her my number in the first email. She was kinda rude when she responded back. I learned in the game…

Not to let the first response stop me

Why? Because she doesn’t even know me or know of me yet.

Anyway so we spoke on the phone and she was in love with her fiancé who was a older white gentleman working in construction.

They had a whole life together.

They lived together and raised her kids together.. Her mom even liked him.

But I didn’t let that stop me.

She was going to be mine

She had to be lol.

And I’m a artist.

So when we talked on the phone she said, “I love my man and I’ll never leave him but we can meet…”

I didn’t let that stop me.

I got chicken shit as my first mentor taught me and I said

“We don’t need to meet because I’m looking for something longterm…(and a bunch more listed unedited in the course below)

She said well I don’t know what to tell you and I’ll never call you daddy. I don’t like my father and I’m not calling him daddy so I won’t ever be calling you daddy”

I smiled (inside ofcourse like iceberg taught)

Once again I got chicken shit like my first mentor said …

I responded with yea naw let’s not meet”

Because I can’t affords to be meeting up with no one just for fun and especially not no one I can’t keep if I end up liking you… ugh I hate you, I think I’m getting off the phone because I’m not meeting you “

She said “nah let’s meet just once”

And I knew I had her hooked

Now you know there is a lot more that went along with this knock, but I’ll explain it in deep detail like I do.

But not just to this conversation of a woman who is still with me but also I’ll break down me catching my bottom woman who most of you u know has been with me for years.

Bonus you’ll be hearing from them and their side of what happened and why it worked

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