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When you really need to change your life fast…

Why buying courses ain’t enough…

I was up writing and just had a thought that was full of game and because I love you mother_____ I’m going to share it.

Anyway another millionaire asked me a question last night late. And I was just thinking about it. He just casually asked me

“what courses have you bought this year and how much did you spend?”

I thought and then answered him.

Now I’m already knowing he is trying to sell me a course and im trying to sell him a course. Why? Because it’s what we do and it’s a challenge and the player thing to do to when you spend some money you have to make some back from somewhere.

(Above) is too much sauce

“It’s the secret to being and staying rich”

Make more than you spend and keep more than you owe.

Anyway, I’m a player who believes in having the slight edge over competition

(so I’ll never stop buying courses and mentorships)

That has made me millions.

Anyway the problem was I bought so many courses on one subject over the past twenty years and I’m still not as good as I want to be at that subject.

And it hit me

Courses teach us that players way of using that skill but it doesn’t teach you how to think your way through all of the problems and distractions that come when trying to apply that secret outside of the course.

And this is not saying courses aren’t worth it. As I said it’s one thing that separated me from other guys who didn’t make it: but applying certain skills that were not natural to me, I always had a bottle neck when applying them.

The secret

I needed mentorship to help me apply that game

While sucking or dealing with the problems that came with that mew skill/problem/opportunity

And this mentor had the answers but didn’t put them in the course, but when tell you one on one.

Idk what but I do know that mentorship is the only way to pass down heavy game.

Anyway gotta go

Get you a mentor today

Even if it ain’t me.

It will change you ur life

Dm me to join us at

Or text me to apply


But with cash in hand

Don’t waste my mother____ time

Normally I would charge you $10,000 after buying one course to sit down with me on that subject.

But today I am going to let you sit down with me one day every week on that one subject and everything that goes with it so you master it. All for $5,000

Yes that’s a full year with a master once a week to help you master this game for $5,000 upfront

This is not for everybody but it will change those who take advantage life and faster than those other brothers out here.

Sign up today and let me change your life like my two mentors changed my life.

Sign up now.

After 52 people I can’t take anymore logistically.

I have ten in this group already. The rest will come in fast as it always does when I start a group that I will be there to answer every question.

Take advantage and dont wait on this for free because it will never happen.

A NEW Opportunity For You!!!

Part two of my thought from my epiphany earlier

Let me take you on a quick journey with me.

This year I hired three people who I bought all of their products to do some work for my company and that worked okay.

But that’s not all folks, I also joined three new mastermind groups

Let me tell you how it went…

One mentor ran mastermind group just flat out kicked me out lol.

They sent me a email that said something like after looking you up, your values don’t coincide with ours. ie im from the ghetto and did things to make it here that wasn’t their own journey.

(Maybe I should have hid it.. Fu__ that! )

The second one the mentor who ran the mastermind was just busy I guess and couldn’t really take the time to respond as I’m trying his method of investing and so I dropped out.

The third mentor ran mastermind that I got into said that he had a long list of people and that he had to like the project that I was investing in to help.

Well at the end of the year instead of those people keeping me learning to master this form of investing from them I was kinda just another number and I get it, when you are doing so many translations it’s hard to keep up with people and to see them as real people.

So when I run my group I make sure they come from where I come from. I make sure I always respond to every question and like the master Dale Carnegie said years ago I am always genuinely interested in the other person.

And I keep a small group to make sure that I’m not too fucking big headed that I can’t hear y’all when y’all need something.

I want to change the future for us

Bottom line

You can join me and help me do change the world or you can watch. But if you help me, not only will I help you but it will also make you rich and powerful as it did me.

You can’t change other peoples lives with us with lout changing your own.

That brings me to a word that sums up this whole thing and that’s accountability.

We have to be responsible for this game and how far we can take it.

We can’t blame govt, we can blame police, we can’t blame the broads or the other players because they don’t know no better and the rest don’t care.

It’s your time

Join us

Dm me to sign up

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