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Know whether that moment is worth dying over. And Live like youre try May27,2022

Know whether that moment is worth dying over. And Live like youre try May27,2022

Okay so I’m going to talk about this in the morning class tomorrow.

“Know what is worth dying over.”

In the streets we kinda knew back in the day what we would die or go to war shooting it out over.

And what we Wouldnt.

It’s like there is no plan no days to see the millions that you are working on having.

With the b___ or the n____s.

Bro you have to create a dope a__ plan and visualization for your life.

And work that plan. And that plan only.

Anything else and anyone else is a distraction bro.

Story from my life

22yrs ago.

A n___ had a b___ of mine who was his girlfriend in the back of her car and I pull up and she motioning for me and I thought within one second in my head “bro this ain’t my b___ like that or she wouldn’t be in his car”

So I said b___ I’m not getting you out some nigga car…

I knew he was all in love with this h__ who was my h_ but his wife he is thinking and he would’ve have killed abd died right there over her.

And I wouldn’t have ever became boss Hogg macaroni if I stopped and shot him over a miss understanding.

Bro think and plan your life.

That wasn’t in my plan.

To keep it real neither was she unless I knew that she had mines everyday all day and some funny business but even then…

Wel see you in the class


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This morning

Teaching on

“Live like you’re trying to live… not like your just waiting to die or even trying to die.”

I remember when I didn’t think I would make it to 21 but I was wrong and I was ignorant.

My daughter was telling me about some young nigga that’s in her class saying that he was going hard because he wouldn’t make it to 21.

And it sounds poetic… s___ it sounded poetic when I use to say it to broads.

But like I told my daughter “but you will make it to 21”


Plan for it !

Here I am at 40 and I’m only here because I started planning for a future.

It always bothers me when potential players don’t plan.

We are supposed to be the intellectuals of this world that we all live in.

We will give thought to the future.

Through our women and our ideas and accomplishments and through our children.

Because like a scientist, they build on to your last work.


Class is $1,000

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We are the ones writing the future.




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