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Two players from Midwestern cities who came south and got rich 7/9/22

Two players from Midwestern cities who came south and got rich 7/9/22

Inspired by me and a hall of fame player chopping it up yesterday

It made me take special notice to a problem that’s about to hit that I want y’all to be ready for and better yet be able to play off this new economy, when it comes.

So teaching based on some game that I remember that came up at a similar time to this one in the economy.. just back when I was first getting my feet wet.

On a beautiful summer afternoon, twenty-four years ago, two young upcoming players traveling south from Midwestern cities.

They were much alike, these two players. Both were average students in school, both from single parent households where no father was present but they both managed to find men to look up to in the sportingmans life.

But one was personable (like the great man he learned from) the other was cold (like the rich man he learned from)


When they first arrived, you would’ve never thought of the two hanging out, but in a chance situation over a b___ they met and kinda clicked on a couple things they had in commons. (Which at that time was mostly about their both rich and famous mentors, although back then no one used the words mentor in the black neighborhoods)

Anyway it won’t let me write no more on here

I can’t sell you this class

As it’s for the brother’s already in the school.

But here was your free sample

We are only at

We are going to talk about these two players and how each made it in a economy much like today’s economy.

Hint you have to make kore money.

Saving is okay but it’s just okay.



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