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The real pimp genius class for all of October sample inside

The real pimp genius class for all of October sample inside

This is1/10th of what you get everyday in pimp genius organization.

Sample transcript of the first ten minutes of pimp genius class for October 22nd 2021

Pimp genius jr Oct 22nd

Music being the game that I use a lot.

Admitted there are a lot of young bitches and older who like the pimp rap songs about the game because we all remember playing them when we where in our youth and learning this game and blasting this music.

But.... pimp music was always music that pimps listened too in order to use while listening with the bitch that would explain things and coaxed her into things that made his life easier.

And some pimp rap does this also. But not just liking the songs because they mention pimp or ho and tricks give me money etc.

I was explaining to the bitch that pimp music is not where these little guys talk about pimpin and what they think the game is based on what they heard the game is like or other peoples perspective.

But rather what makes a bitch fall in love with the man and his game and stays there.

Like willie hutch said “and just like that, she said right back on the right track, giving it up for your looooove yea yea yeaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Pimp genius jr oct 22nd

The old cold blooded ex junkie and killer that had seen it all, said "better him than you"

The woman stopped crying and said that's something pretty fucked up to say. And he said "people die everyday. And it's better him than you and drinking etc won't bring him back."

Life goes on remember that.

Me and my rich little brother Porsche Tony always says "there are new 18 year old players who want very bad and will do anything including kill to be us every year." So be safe out but don't disappoint those young players looking up to you and the game, live large and lavish and don't cash out."

What does that mean? Do the $100,000 challenge every month. Every week if you can... I'll explain that when you join us. The $100,000 challenge is a organization secret that we do, once you join us you'll get how easy it is. Big time game

Pimp genius jr: Oct 22nd

They were just saying steph curry was a great shooter and that's why xyz

Then Charles Barkley one of the greats in his own right pointed out something that most didn't notice.

Steph had 25 in the first quarter and they were just blown away because steph shoots so great and with people chasing him.

And they said how he made those shots with guys chasing him.

Then Kenny the jet said it's the fact that he can get off 35+ points a game. Most guys who can shoot, can't get open and most guys who can can't shoot under pressure and on the run, they need a set shot to be able to make it.

And that's when Charles said the most important thing that most would miss.

"Steph has great conditioning. Because to score 10 points in a nba game takes an enormous amount in energy.

Then it takes more energy 20 points

And it takes even more energy to score 32 points in the league against other professionals, the best in the world who are trained to try and stop you from doing what they have seen you do in every other game. And they practiced to stop you everyday until you've played them and you still did it."

Now what can you learn from that?

Have conditioning. When you want to give up don't because one day you will be amongst the greats and playing against them and making it look easy or like you're just so much damn better.

Changing the game where the average team takes 34 3 pointers. And when Reggie Miller who was one of the best shooters in my day, they only shot 8 3 pointers a game.

Anyway second be so good at something that the rest of the world chases your record and tries to be like you.

And so much more but you have to send your money to receive these everyday.

Dm me to sign up to this affordable daily note that I take and teach from.

Ps. I may delete this post because it’s too much sauce.

-the honorable Boss Hogg Macaroni




She’ll be giving it up for your loooove “

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