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The not so hard get rich slow plan to attract one million dollars over yrs 7/14

The not so hard get rich slow plan to attract one million dollars over yrs 7/14

Y’all know I’m known

For the hard work and getting rich fast while you’re still young because that’s the way I did it

In Northern California

Learning from my mentors


Today in my 11am est Class

I’m teaching on easy and kinda lazy way for a player to get rich and remain a player.

I think this is kinda timely because most brothers I see today don’t want to put in the hard work.

Not with the stress and pressure of going super hard for like a year or three and having millions to get out the way.

But today I see a lot of the younger (maybe even smarter) brothers who are more likely to benefit from this plan.

This is actually the plan that I was working before I moved out to the west coast.

I was getting money,

But I wouldn’t have won Mack of the year.

Or have became a world famous player but you would have money and a laid back way to get rich.

Anyway not selling this class to the outside public either

But just giving you guys the sample for free that something else is out there to search for and master.

But the brothers who are with us in the mob they will be able to get this one for free.

You don’t have to be great at anything for this plan to work. But you do have to remain consistent.

This is the lazy laid back players way to a million over the years.

This is not a get rich quick plan. This is more of a get rich slow plan. Or how to attract your million over the years rather.

Join us

But you have to join the mob to apply to join the mob


Anybody can get rich with this plan but if you know me, then you already know that I am not giving away game to the squares online or off.


Oh yeah this is a $1,000 class

But only for the brothers who are with us to get it for free

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