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The new wave that Bonafide players use to catch broads today

The new wave that Bonafide players use to catch broads today

There’s a new wave when it comes to catching broads and honestly I still don’t know if I want to teach it to the outside the mob (general public)

But I’ve been teaching it for a year in my school and I’m teaching on it again this morning.

Be there in this class because I probably won’t let anyone who isn’t with us in my $500 a week group hear this game again.

I’m not sending out any audios of it nor am I letting brothers in on this after today.

No one outside of the school that is.


Over the last ten years maybe 15 years I’ve been using this way to catch up with b___ or rather getting them to want to and to try to catch up with me.. and I haven’t been sharing this except in my family with my brothers but it’s something way smoother than my first 9 pr 10 years that I was in the life hitting and missing and off and on and hot and cold.

This is a smooth consistent way to get regular results and even while the process is working, you start to get famous in your neighborhood.


Price is $500

No discounts today or probably ever.

The brothers in the mob paying $500 a week get this one for free but they are with us.

Dm me to sign up for this class

Or regret it and struggle like the rest of the brothers you know. Hitting and missing.



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