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The key to getting rich and going to the next level June3,2022

The key to getting rich and going to the next level June3,2022

Today speaking on

“You have to master something, a whole system that makes you bread every week on your own.”


Bring in a second business system that you go through one of the bigger companies or one of the bigger players with.


Ignore all distractions like the b___ and your family and your homies (they aren’t with it for real)

Very few will become the millionaire players

So stay focused.

And remember the hardest part is sticking with your plan.

When everyone is going to be trying to show you a different plan

And the grass always looks greener on thr other side.


Watch out for the people who will distract you by faking you out.

Like so many people talking about p____

Or making a million

In Realestate or in anything.

Most don’t know.

Trust only a few.

You only need one OG to show you the way out of the middle class.

It’s so much we are about to go into

Join us and get rich

Dm me

$1,000 class

(Each fam)

Except for the brothers in the mob.

We are at




Coming up with the plan doesn’t take a bunch of work.

It’s nothing compared to

The discipline that’s needed to follow that one plan through for life.

It’s exciting when you first come up with the plan


After that every distraction in the world comes.

The players stick with the plan.

Everyone else does everything else.

Stay focused




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