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The Game; Daily. My five classes (eyes, ears, brain, mind.)a day live for a week

The Game; Daily. My five classes (eyes, ears, brain, mind.)a day live for a week

How to change your life this year or your money back!

Warning this is not going to be super easy.

This is my teaching my secrets to you five times a day unedited. 
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Class 1. 
The eyes:
We aren’t suppose to judge a book by its cover... But we do!

What is that people see, when they see you? Does it make them want to join you? Does it invite them to over look you?

Let me make you over in the image of a player and watch how people start treating you.

Class 2. 
The ears:

Become a great speaker and Make millions!

Do people stop talking when you start? Do people do exactly what you say? As soon as you say it? If not you’re a regular guy.. the last thing in the world that you want to stay. I will show you how to speak, where people listen and will join you in any form of business that you suggest.

Class 3. 

How to blow someone’s mind without any words out of your mouth and why they’ll join you in anything that you want.

Class 4.

What do they think about you? What they believe about you will make you a millionaire or a bum. 

Class 5.

How to make everyone love you.



... I think you know what this part is about. Call me and ask me anything. 

After you join us though.

Bonus 2.

The soul:

Get on one accord with her and then and everyone concerned about how close you are with God and how you are most built in his image and watch them follow you.

This is my guaranteed (but secret) system for wealth, health and power.

I’m going to teach you how to control each one to become a player.

This program is paid every week on the same day each week.
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