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The broad strokes! The NEW alpha and omega of my lifestory told of two women

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Anyway, when I finally bumped my first serious h_ it changed my life. It was like in 2001,

I had a broad at the UGA college and I was working on turning her out every weekend like a square lol. And she was going but going toooooo f__king slow.

But I stayed down and one day I went to meet a African guy I met to buy some computers and computers where kind of new or atleast new to the people in the hood (we be behind on all this kinda shit sometimes) but anyway…

Here I was meeting a guy and this bitch was over at a pay phone (yes I’m old as f___) but a rich OG, a Bossplayer (I call him my fat partner in my lifestory) told me to just get out and handle my business until the right b____ showed up and so I did.

And he was right because there she was a tall white broad and she was staring at me with her mouth wide open. My brain told me she wanted me as bad as I needed her. And people buy what they want so I pulled over to her and told her to get in.

Wait!! I know you want to know exactly what I said (it’s in the course I’m selling you today bro)


She chose.

I’ll tell you the whole story with all of the details in this course.

But as a bonus I’m going to bring my game full circle and tell you how I bumped my now west top notch broad that I’ve been having for four years after I became legit and how I’m building my new legitimate business with yet and her wifey (my other bad a__ broad today.

Yes as a bonus I’m going to show you how I did this legit, after we talk about some p___ sh__

I can still remember back before I caught my first serious broad and how they were just all in my face smiling and playing and rarely coming with it, with the f__ and all of my respect (because you know the was most important for me coming from Dexter in Detroit ) but anyway I remember those lose nights of not knowing…

I remember hanging with the loser wanna be Ps and never getting chose by associating with them. I remember them not having their own homes and I remember the older brothers needing rides from me and then when they got cars they were not p_mp cars.

I remember but they were catching faster than me and I remember what all misinformation I got (before I got a mentor) so much that I just thought I was seeing working and what all I had to go through to find out what game really was.

You don’t have to go through none of that.

Today I can hep changed your life.

Believe in you unselfish today and invest in your future and your broads future to get legit and to get a business and a life today.

Or your complete money back!

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