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The 3 keys to get rich in this life

The key to getting rich in this life…


Find out…

Learn the game:

What does that mean exactly?

In short you and I look at all of the parts in the game and we see which one you have the talent to be able to be the best at.


we get started on mastering that skill by finding a OG that I know who has mastered thay skill and we wet his beak to show you the way.


The difference between being a student in my school and being in the organization.

This means you become tough enough and cold enough to do what you are supposed to do with lighting tap (like iceberg said) when the opportunities first present themselves.

It’s kinda like when you were learning to drive…

“If you are thinking too much about whether you can make the turn or what this car infront of you is going to do etc then you may end up in a wreck. Over thinking”

And the opportunity passes you.

“Now you have to wait until the next exit comes to get off and turn around.

It’s the same way in life.

Anyway in this course you are going to discover the difference in dreaming to get rich and the people who actually do get rich.

Hint: it’s not the internet guys like me talking.

I don’t get paid for that, well not enough to get rich again. I get rich by out thinking and out working my competition in business and in my area. I have to own and fascinate the area.

There is so much game here…

See you on the other side.

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