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Pimp millionaire one day class: when she says she wants to be adored like past

Alert New Seminar for sale!!

“Pimp Genius”

I just finished my 7:40am class and I taught on

“What happens and how to respond when you’re woman says that she misses just being adored by men and being their focus and center of attention”

And how I responded to that without panicking or firing her and saying well this ain’t for you and messing up the income and the empire building for me and her.

Here in this class is exactly what I said in response that made her stop in her tracks and fall not only back in line but all the way into admiration and infatuation with me. Or in plain

“How the _____ went from almost out the door missing her life before me to falling all in love with this p__ and wanting some more of what I have in store for her and some more of this culture and this lifestyle and the way that I romance her.”

Now this will certainly be a part of my pimp millionaire class at the end of the year which is only sold by the year at 365 days (yes I don’t take no days off) anyway

It costs $3,650 for a full 365 days of you listening to me and my women that year discuss everything that we’ve went through that year and it’s a lot and why do you need this? Because one day you’ll go through these problems and you’ll need to know how to handle it.

But anyway

Today you don’t have to wait for this to come out in the $3,650 course at the end of the year that I’ve been doing for the past ten years but instead you’ll be able to get thid one class (a part of thid course) one day of this magic happening no this magick (for those that know, they know) happening in today’s class and not for $365 not at $265.

Today you can get this one class , let’s call it a sample of what my brothers in the $3640 full course get for just


If you order today.

By tomorrow you can’t get this until the end of the year and for $3650 for a years worth

Dm me to order today

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    $100.00Sale Price
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