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My new course on how I gained my killer instinct and became cold for life

My College Textbook

How to make a person think or do whatever you want them to do (p15)
How a Mack breaks a woman down into sections and masters them all (p15)
How a Mack masters women and life (p15)
Knowing this key statistic on page 15 is the wisdom of the high-powered Mack
The first thing that a person uses to know whether they are drawn to you or away from you (p15)
The simple “mesmerizing effect” technique a Mack uses that puts him so far ahead of the norm of society that people reverence and submit to him on sight. See page 15
How to speak Truth to a woman-- according to Mel Taylor (one of the greatest Macks in the game) who teaches: ‘‘A well-placed truth is always better than a lie.’’ (p16)
When you have an answer in advance to every question she has, you eliminate loser talk (see page 16)
Your Reputation = Your Game + Your Principles + Your Character (Details, page 16)
When the money, the women, and everything else leaves you, what’s THE most important thing? (see page 16)
How to build the only two things that you can’t buy: Game and Reputation (see page 16)
If you want to be a real live mothafucka, you’re going to want to be known and talked about for these things (see page 16)
To be respected like alion you have to live like a lion and build THIS (see page 16)
How to get into her ear and when and send that woman to heaven with her heels still dug into the ground. (details on page 16)
How to look her directly in the eye and deliver an ethereal message that’s going to displace her soul. (see page 16)
The secret to taking what’s in your brain and putting it in her brain too (details on page 17)
The simple but powerful technique to for making a woman who’s smarter than you are do exactly what you want (explained on page 17)
When you’re talking to a woman, you need to make sure you are doing these 2 things (full details on page 17)
How to get thru a woman’s eye to her ear and make her fall in love with you (make sure you practice this method on page 17)
The powerful secret to make any woman fall in love with you by mastering these 2 things like a Mack (see page 17)
How to penetrate the mind of the girl you want to conquer (explained on page 18)
If the bitch asks you “Where are you from,” use THIS attitude to make a play (details on page 18)
How to make her think of you every time she watches movies or hears songs you plant in her mind (full technique on page 18)
If you really want to be her Daddy, you need to build trust like a Mack using this powerful method (see page 18)
TO BE HER DADDY: Your two most powerful methods are to get into her heart and build her trust. Follow the simple instructions on page 18 to do it like a Mack.
The secret to turning her desire into obsession with you by making her do this (see page 19)
The one thing a Mack NEVER does (but makes any woman he wants do) - Turn to page 19
How to make ANY woman fall in love with you (you gotta hit that button that’s BIGGER than love) - details, page 19
7 proven Mack methods to make ANY woman fall in love with you (check page 19)
How to bombard her with your image and make your presence grow in her heart like a Mack (details page 19)
If you want to know what she needs and what she wants, follow this simple method on page 19
BEWARE! The common trap that makes men fall behind and go broke-- and how to avoid it like a Mack. Consider yourself warned--on page 19
The big Mack secret to gain connection to her SOUL (see p19)
How a Mack makes a woman unable to deny him (using this technique on page 20)
TO AROUSE HER SEXUAL DESIRE: make sure you tap into this simple ancient knowledge that no Mack ignores (learn this inside out on page 20)
The mindset of a mothafucka is all that matters is how much she wants to be with you. (Details on p20)
How to find a woman who will follow you to the ends of the earth and LOCK her in place. (see page 20)
How to catch her eye, get in her ear, and reprogram her brain so you can claim her heart and soul for your own see page 20)
Control her body and own her total being like a Mack (full details on page 20)
Macking has nothing to do with sex but everything to do with THIS (see page 20)
The Mack secret to getting her multiple orgasms every time (see page 20)
FOR INHIBITED SEXUAL DESIRE: the perfect Mack remedy to make any woman climax during sex (see page 22)
How a real Mack makes his woman attain orgasm every time (see page 22)
The eyes, ears, brain, mind, heart, body, soul method are the ONLY way to have and conquer a person (full details p23)
The gift of the Mack: How to fight and kill and CRUSH your competition to be known, talked about and RESPECTED (see page 24)
How a Mack gets her to chase YOU instead of the other way around (see page 25)
If you want to get qualified like a Mack, you need to get these 4 things on page 25 in order
The mindset of a Mothafucka is the FIRST order of business (see page 25)
Why Superman is a LOSER and how to Mack it like DRACULA (details on page 25)
A real Mack is smart, cunning, talks smooth and dresses slick by doing this (see page 25)
The simple method to get into the mindset of a Mothafucka (see page 26)
Do THIS to get into the mindset of the top people in your industry (see p26)
The #1 thing you need to do if you wanna be a real Mothafucka in your industry (page 26)
If you’re not a Mothafucka yet, use THIS on page 26 and get clear on what you want (see page 26)
The Mack roadmap = Clear path + Clear goals (see page 26)
Planning ahead and the #1 KEY to success as a Mack (details on page 26)
The GREATS are always known for ONE thing (full details on page 26)
Catch an UGLY one, then a FAT one, then a DECENT one like a Mack and get the MODEL one (see page 27)
What a REAL mothafucka does to fix their appearance and get in her mind (see page 27)
Do you make THESE mistakes when dressing for the day? (see p27)
A beautiful woman never passes a Mack by when he does THIS (see page 28)
How I got two porn stars while looking like an arrogant jerk and how the well dressed, more established rich players got NONE (details on page 28)
The simple, powerful technique that makes women feel I am a golden god (details on page 28)
5 simple methods of a womanizing Mack (see page 29)
 How to get numbers from girls everywhere that you go-- simple principles to feel like you are in your own league (see page 29)
A Mack says: “I put her to work and I am her Boss.” (see page 30)
A Mack never depends on anyone to do for him what he can make sure gets done for himself. (full details page 30)
How a Mack’s independence is the net that pulls others into his world. (see page 30)
How a Mack becomes everything anyone else is, plus more, and how this makes him able to demand so much from others. (details page 30)
How the presence of a Mothafucka blows a person’s mind-- & why they are willing to do almost anything to stay in that presence. (see page 30)
The real purpose of a Mack (and it’s not about the Money) (details on page 31)
The most powerful way to create a dependence on you for success (see page 31)
A Mack’s secret to helping a woman accomplish things that she couldn't normally achieve on her own. (see page 31)
How to lock her in for good like a Mack (see page 31)
“People make the money, money don‘t make the people.” (see page 31)
How to get qualified as a player and keep the women coming in the door (see page 31)
A Mack doesn’t ask. A Mack makes demands. Do THIS to get in a position of power and really be a mothafucka (see page 31I
Be a real mothafucka: do whatever you want, spend whatever you want, whenever you want, wherever you feel like it (see page 31)
How a Mack gets the POWER women like in a man (details on page 31)
How a Mack turns a woman’s trap into a play to get further ahead (details on page 32)
A real Mack pushes every game to the limit. Read this on page 32 to ask her for the impossible every time 
If you want a million dollars, you gotta start with ONE (details on page 32)
From one girl to ten  and
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