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Just did a course on credit stocks broads & everything the energy was crazy 11/3

Just started a course today that just went crazy because it was met with a little resistance so through that it took my game to another level to break it down and the heavy game I was trying to give came the f___ through.

Y’all sign up for this joint today and if it doesn’t lead to a life change for you, I’ll give you a full refund or I’ll let you trade it for another course of your choice that you think will be better for your game and your life ya dig.

I talk about Bitches, credit repair, credit building, stocks real estate, big game, small game and all in between. We up with this one today.

I’m charging $3,000 for this course like I do but I’ll give it to you brothers before the end of the business day for $1,000.

In fact if you’ve bought something from me before (screenshot me that proof) and you get this one for $300 but you can’t trade it out like the new guys might say but sign up today.

Let’s work bro


Boss Hogg macaroni school for the gifted and special players only

    $3,000.00 Regular Price
    $1,000.00Sale Price
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