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It’s time you get serious about what you’re doing

“It’s time you get serious…”

I know you’ve heard that before, but never really knew what it meant when the old players said it.

Or maybe you were like me and ignore it because you thought being serious was relative.

Based on who you were talking too and who laced them and what that particular branch of the secret society was into.

Well in this seminar I go into to detail about my specialty in attracting women and we go into my daily work and you go along with me as I talk to enough women everyday to get twenty numbers a day.

1. Let’s find out exactly how I get twenty plus numbers each and everyday.

2. Let’s find out where I meet enough women to guarantee myself twenty numbers a day.

3. I’ll show you exactly how I present myself with in real life, in real time examples that are happening for me right now so you’ll know quickly what world and what doesn’t and why.

And so much more.

But as always this is only meant for a specific crowd of players (so it’s not for everyone, you may not be included)

Dm me and findout if you are who am we are looking for.

Also this is not cheap.

This one day event is quick but will change your life with women forever.

The cost is $3,000

With $8,000 in bonuses (conservatively) that will help you u

1. My get a b and keep her for 25 Yrs course ($3,000 value)

2. Some of my pimp millionaire series for this week ($3,650 a yr to follow me and my eight broads around and see what works and doesn’t unedited)

3. 2018 pimp genius stuff and this is part of a $30,000 course ($1,250 value)

4. A surprise never been released course

(Priceless because you’ll be the only player in 2021 with it besides me)

And today you can get all of this for just $1,250

If you order within 48 hrs.

It’s $3,000 on my website but I offer payment plan on my website. See you on the other side players

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