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How to work with us in today’s crazy world 9/10/22

How to work with us in today’s crazy world 9/10/22

Incase you haven’t noticed I’m still not accepting new guys in the mob (way to much sh__ going on right now for us to be out)

But we are doing Pimp genius jr each day for $27 a day

(That’s a text message each day that you pay for it on the game that we are following and applying that day)

We are doing alpha male classes at 11am each day

(That’s where we talk business and why some make it out and why some don’t, this is the killer instinct and become cold class. Because if you aren’t cold enough you’ll get lost in this sh__)

We are doing the bonafide player class 🧛🏿‍♂️ at 2pm each day

(This is where we talk game but we can’t and won’t talk game until you have a business and then you can be and move like a professional player)

We are doing the vampin class at 5pm (this is where we talk application, how I am applying it and you hear that exact words etc that are being used and the advertisement and marketing game to grow you and everything you are about. This is the small nuances in the life that either you apply or you lost out.

These classes are $500 a week fam but retail if I sold each one on a one off then it’s $5,000 all day this is like a full on course every seven days bro.

This ain’t for everybody but the serious player who wants the unfair advantage like who I am and who I always was, you want to be here and right now before you have problems. As you can see I don’t let y’all in later

-Boss Hogg Macaroni

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