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how to look and find relationships to model (to copy)

Pimp Genius!!

New class teaching on how my mentor taught me

“How usually you or the woman has seen

A successful relationship that lasted

40 years together and so you know that you have

A good broad and she wants to stay

But also that she knows how”

And that changed my life

I used to treat b___ like I was settling for them until my second mentor taught me

“How to stick with your bitch in times of need

And how to have them want to stick with you.

I’ll give you a hint to one secret that I am going to teach in the class (just because I love y’all)

Write a letter to the old you. Maybe the little kid you. But definitely the most influential time for you

With old pictures.

Have her write a letter to the old her. In the timeline that she needed to hear it most.

With old pictures.

Read these letters with the pictures showing them to each other.

Man to keep h__ takes work

I know many ways to put in that work but you have to find it and to keep all of your women and at the same time

How to find your happy medium.

And much much more

Dm me to order

$1000 retail

For a 3 hour full seminar

But today you get it for


I wrote this while talking to a b___ of mine

    $1,000.00 Regular Price
    $250.00Sale Price
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