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How to have Charisma! Some pimps like me super power

"Ex-Pimp discovers the secret to how you can attract smart and beautiful women that are as pretty as models, easily and with nothing more than your charismatic words to get them[a]."
Dear Friend,
If you'd like to Be able to talk beautiful women into anything you want, Fast and Easy,[c] then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.[d]
Here's why:
Beautiful women do anything you ask and chase you around or your money back[e]
Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. Let me give you three good reasons we can back up what we claim:
Three Reasons To Believe What I Say
Charisma can absolutely be learned. There are some lucky people who are blessed with it the second they leave the womb, but most people do have to learn it.
Reason one:
 I have been a pimp [f]for 22 years earning all of my living with women, no I can’[g]t teach you to do that.. neither would I again but I do know how I got women to want to be around me all the time and it wasn’t because I looked so good. Hint: I knew just what to say.
Reason two:
All three of my children were with Pornstar shaped, model looking affluent women. I say that not to complain or to brag but to say, once I tell you how to attract these women with your words, they will try everything to keep you including having all of your children and taking care of them.. And you.
Reason three:
I don’t know if you know exactly what a pimp is or does but the man doesn’t do much more than talk to his woman and she goes out and tells the guys “the tricks” what to do and to give the woman all of their money.
I am so good at conversation and so charismatic that I’ve made them charismatic and bullet proof when other men “the competition, other pimps” try to talk to them or when talking to a man “customer”y woman’s sheer focus and discipline in conversation mixed with their charisma made their customers as defenseless as a puppy put against a full grown lioness. No one could compete with the charismatic skills that I gave them.
Here is a summary of the[h] benefits you receive
This is a home study course [i]
So you won’t have to leave your home to master this skill
You can learn this skill in one month
This won’t take you years to learn like the four year degree but this one secret is so much more powerful
Having charisma will help you with everything that you’ll ever do in life
Life will get easier from this day forward
You’ll become a better salesman
You’ll make more money[j]
You’ll be better at talking to women and you’ll be able to hold their attention
Women will love you
With the skill of charisma, you’ll be able to talk anyone into anything
Meaning everyone that you want meet will do things for you with a simple word or two from you
You’ll have a skill that most powerful leaders and CEOs have
You’ll be able to make millions with people wanting to work for you[k]
Now, you're probably wondering how and why we can do all those things.
Let me explain.
This charisma course teaches you everything that you’ll need to know to be able to talk to anyone with power, authority, persuasion and influence.[l]
This course will be delivered to you instantly by email.
Don't take my word for it.
Listen to what our customers say.
Testimonial: “Who else wants to build a million dollar movie franchise, starting from scratch?”
Ashei Kahn a successful film producer[m] from Detroit Michigan was able to use my charisma techniques inside of his movies to sell his own brand of sneakers for $200 each,[n] all without talking in person to anyone.
They watch the movie after paying for tickets then they buy his high end sneakers and whatever other products he wants you to buy right in his masterfully crafted films.
Testimonial:[o] “How to Become a flashy business owner with sold gold all over you and in drop top Porsche automobiles and still get employees to do all of the work for you and make millions doing it”
Porsche Tony out of Washington Heights in the Bronx New York, by the age of 25 used my charisma secrets and retired and stopped working forever while being able to hire and train people to replace him and now he make $300,000 or more a year with only a few employees and no stress. All while he dates beautiful model women every night and his employees work double shifts because they also make six figures.
Testimonial: “Build power and respect alongside a five foot shrimp country boy who is know a kingpin in some of the harshest neighborhoods in the country”
Morningstar came to NYC with nothing but his magick skills and a dream and within saying a couple of spells while using his charisma, he built himself a nation of people who help to bring the people and set the stages for his spells.
Testimonial: “How a young gangster from a rough neighborhood took over a neighborhood using a different form of my charisma secret”
This young quiet man from Milwaukee doesn’t talk much but his body language spoke volumes in charisma and he become rich in the gym business with all exgang members as his clients who are on the road to win championships.
Testimonial: “How a street dancer went from broke to making $8000 a month”
Javon out of Oakland California used my charisma skills when talking to women while doing the street dances that he made enough money to buy a Porsche cash money.[p]
Warning: Do NOT buy any How to have Charisma and make everyone give to you unless it meets the following 6 criteria
There is a lot of confusion surrounding our field. I want to give you 6 criteria or elements you absolutely, positively must have in any solution you obtain:[q]
 You don’t need millions of dollars to make this work. This system is very affordable...
If you believe in yourself, you can use my charisma skills and almost for free, costing you almost nothing you can change your life.
 You don’t need years time to learn this skill.
This is all sent to you in a couple hour class and you can order my charisma course in the morning and be using the skill of charisma by this afternoon.
 You don’t need friends to help you do this course.
You can do this work with no employees required. You don’t need your spouse to join you. All you need is yourself to do this work.
 You don’t need to be the smartest guy in the room all A+ student to make this charisma system work.
I am only a C+ student and I make sales everyday on my free lives without trying.
 You don’t have to be a certain race or gender or even from a certain neighborhood to get this charisma system to work.
My brother Tony is Dominican, my brother Wasi is from Poland and my brother frank is from Germany.
And it works when women use this system too. Because the same charisma system that I use on them is the same charisma system that they use on men everyday to make their sales.
 You don’t have to be cute for this charisma system to work.
Actually in my personal experiences most of the guys that I knew that had this skill the best were not the cute guys, most cute guys were too lazy with their mediocre small wins but those ugly guys would use this charismatic skill to make millions. Maybe they had a chip on their shoulder and something to prove but we all made millions with just charisma.
You get at least 10 times your money's worth!
This course is almost a 100 hours of me teaching all unreleased unedited (uncut material) I normally charge $250 per hour ($500 hr in person) for this type of one on one no punches pulled kind of talk that I would never do on a live. So retail 100 hrs would be $25,000 cash.
Cost retail: $25,000 but today you pay only $1,000 cash.
Bonus for this course is my 200 page course that is not out anywhere or sold in stores or anywhere other than in my advanced school which costs $500 a week but today you get this $500 course for Free along with my charisma course!
So you get my whole Charisma course 100 hours and today you’ll receive my whole 200 page course on how to get rich with a $500 value for free.
Bonus 2. Today when you buy my Charisma course [r]whic
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