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How to get chose, how it looks and feels & we are sailors in our own boa 6/17/22

How to get chose, how it looks and feels & we are sailors in our own boa 6/17/22

Today I’m speaking on really getting chose and what it takes and what it looks like.

I realize that most brothers have been paid but never really chose.

I’m talking about for a woman to choose you over everyone else and everything else.

Think of it this way,

In my 24 years and I’ve met maybe 24 million people but only maybe 9 that I knew personally that were really chose.

Now that’s just my experience.

I’m not talking down on no one.

I’m just saying y’all brothers have to start getting chose and to get chose you have to reverse the game and get the woman to chase you instead of you feeling the need to sweat her.

It’s against the law of the game.

Also speaking on how we can’t be mad at the direction the game is going, we can all do our part to correct it.

But that’s not by complaining on the internet but by changing your house hold and how if everyone changes their household then things will change.

But also speaking on we are sailors. A player is a sailor in his own sail boat, he doesn’t fight against good game or bad and drown. He sets his sail where it’s blowing the way he wants and he sails baby.

There’s so much to talk about.

Oh yeah I killed yesterday’s class at 2pm

You should’ve been there.

Anyway about to get started

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