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How to get chose.

How to get chose.

Top of it,

This is boss Hogg macaroni.

There is a art to getting chose and it works almost 100% of the time, When done right.

You have to do a Pre closing process, where you take out all of the objections that would come at the end.

And if you get those dumb ass questions at the end you did the pre closing and framing the life change and lifestyle wrong. You shorted them somewhere in the process and that’s why they still have those reservations and will not chose you today and thar means maybe never.

I can’t give y’all the $1,000 class here. So sign up today and I’m dropping thar game live and offline bro. I’ll never teach this online for free bro.

Anyway I will give y’all this one principle, it’s one of the seven secrets to getting chose

Pimp genius jr

You aren't after a purchase you're after a decision. Them committing to a lifestyle change. Because they have to stick with it for this to work for both of y'all

Anyway for the rest send your $1,000 to me by Cashapp or zelle or stripe and this will be on my website for sale today also.

But hurry and sign up because I may take this down if I over think not giving it out maybe a month from now like I do sometime.

Any way see you brothers who are about it and won’t give up at the top. And to the guys who give up y’all don’t hate and keep cheering your brothers who are winning on.

Love you motherfuckers,

I have to go and romance this new b*tch who came in town last night.

-Boss Hogg Macaroni

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