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How to gain respect from everyone in 90 days or your complete money back course!

How to gain respect from everyone in 90 days or your complete money back course!

The honorable Boss Hogg Macaroni is presenting a NEW course

“How to gain the respect of everyone in just 90 days or your money back!”

I’m from Dexter, over on the west side of Detroit and I didn’t grow up just having respect. I was a skinny, light skinned, passive aggressive nobody, with dimples, a underbite and a cool counter punch. But I didn’t get no respect even though I wanted respect more than anything.

Here is a Secret:

Most of you want respect just as bad as I did but just like me, you didn’t know how to get it… well that was before today!

Today I will teach you

(on my website at how to get respect today.

It’s a treasure hunt (on my website)

You may be asking yourself

“why didn’t I just start out with respect?”

Good question

Well I grew with just my mom and no man inside the home showing me the game that I needed. So I grew not soft but almost, maybe as hardcore as most of us raised by a single mom who spoils you and we never had to fight for our own respect.

Second my family was all the way in the streets and my uncles were pimpin and there again I knew nothing about jobs or college

(even though my dad went, I didn’t know that until I was in my thirties and my mom went but she graduated at the exact same time that I got into the streets,

yes it was mess) but at the same time I was blessed at the same time.. I had to follow my uncles pimpin asses around and get just the littlest piece of game.

And so I also followed every guy who had something train I thought I needed in my game and was blessed to find aome mentors who changed my life. But at the start I didn’t have that until later in my later teens and early twenties.

You guys that know me, know that I write a lot based on the subject of respect.

I believe that you can’t get the money, power and respect without starting with the respect part first.

This course is going to change your life.

Price $500

Bonuses worth $2500

Dm me to buy now!

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