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How to create and join and be a part of your own dream team. June20,2022

How to create and join and be a part of your own dream team. June20,2022

So we had a meeting for the mob last night and them brothers reminded me why I do this.

We were all in suits

We were all to be taken serious

We were all about our business and our skills with good questions.

And we all had bitches

And a business.

Today I’m teaching on how we will take that to the next level.

I’m proud of where we are at but there is always a next level.

We make membership intimidating because we are living the life as real Bonafide players.

Just like my two mentors taught me.

There is reason why some players get it

And have the accomplishments and why others don’t.

We are about to talk about that and this next level for us this morning.

Don’t let the recession get you down

Don’t let Covid get you down

Don’t let any reason that lost black men are letting slow them down slow you down.

This is your graduating class

You can help build and be a part of a dream team like michael jordan magic Johnson and Larry bird had.

The US has been winning those championships every since they starts created dream teams.

The players ain’t even waiting for the olympics no more,

Those players are smartly taking the pride cut and going to a team where they can win a title.

We as players are doing the same thing.

Join us today

$1,000 class

But if you pay in the next hr you’ll get this class and six more for just $250





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