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How to bust through your current ceiling

How to bust through your current ceiling

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I teach about this the day after tomorrow

(tomorrow I teach on going through pictures and the feeling of when I first decided to where minks with the perm and manicure) and then later when I decided I was going to own and drive a Porsche for the rest of my life. That moment was special, the energy was crazy but how I still tap into that feeling to keep moving forward.


My brother said “Boss you be telling us to push ourselves and push to bust through our ceilings and how we create our own limits and we can bust through them but what if I kept going and I would be broke and have no bread coming in and I would lose everything if I push some more. What would you do then in that situation?”

I said “Bro that’s the only time you pause, make some more and start back up right where you left off with your plan of numbers like we talk about but I know you and I know your situation out was at a self made ceiling and you should have lost whatever little shit and kept going.

(Then I gave a example that hit home that you’ll only get if you’re in that class to hear)

But I explained that I was scared because I was told that if I do this I’ll lose all of my shit, so I didn’t. And I lost all of my shit.

The next time I did what they said don’t do and I lost a few things and that hurt but I kept building passed that right from where I left off and guess what? I made a million again.

When I first left the streets I remember no business would work. Because there was a choke point a and bottle necks, things I couldn’t get passed and other business opportunities to destruct me and those things that I wouldnt do and those things stopped me.

Now I find a choke point every few years and I’m delighted to find them and conquer them because I know there is six figure income each time hid behind them.

Gif puts things in our way until we conquer them.

You’ll notice the same things will come up to trip you up until you conquer them. You can’t think your way or talk your way passed them choke point. You have to take action and it’s going to be scary so most won’t take the action so they’ll never become millionaires.

Not legal or financial advice. For entertainment purposes only.

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