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Here is the first thing you do if you ever lose (or blow your broad) your broad

New Course coming out today!

$1,000 retail value on website

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“the first thing to do after you blow a broad“

Okay so there was a time that I blew a bad bitch because I got boring and I’m a workaholic and all the shit that makes Capricorn’s great, like I’m drug free and I don’t drink with b____ and I don’t want more kids right now lol and things like that etc.

And the broad blew…

So I remember me first panicking like whoreson did in the great book by Donald Goines (that was the first p__ I ever read by the way but not my favorite) but anyway I panicked and I checked the b____ messages and I seen she was talking to some guy and I flipped on her (something y’all should never do, be smarter than me and the older guys were) but anyway I raced to fire her and only to miss the p_no broad a short time after so I sweated her to get her back.

I got her back and locked my game down on her but…

There was a problem

I still wasn’t the type of guy she wants so I had to fire her again.

Now today you have a chance to never go through that crap that I went through because today you will read this new course called

“Knowing what she wants every time”

“And then being more appealing”

This is not about you turning into a sucker to hold a broad, this course is how to influence her to want what you want..



Longterm game


The big luxury cars

The homes

The shares of stock

The savings

The established business


To get out of the streets together

Higher education

That’s a interesting one, have you ever had a broad that didn’t want to learn game or raise your game and life up to another level?

We are going to talk about what to do what you bump into that as well.

Master this and more today

The game is not perfect but you can be as close as a b___ can get to that perfection.

Stop playing and get serious about your life and your game today.

This system is a breeze to use on each broad once you know it.

Anyway good luck and stay smart abd stay legit brothers much love.

The honorable boss Hogg macaroni

Dm me to order today.

The price goes back up to $1,000 tomorrow

Reason why because I’m in a giving mood and I like the action takers. Those guys will be players.

While the rest blow broadless at a age too old to start over.

The real Bonafide players have it going on and for life.

And I’m proud to be a part of that club.

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