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Get rich and become a player by following a strategy of a genius

Pimp genius jr june13,2022

Studying one of the lesser known books that most guys won't study and...

Listen at around 3:45 on important shopping is to catching. The old school player and writer is saying the same thing that I say but you just need pimp genius to see it sometimes.

Especially if you are getting older ya dig.

You can play it off youth and looks alone without shopping when you are young but I wouldn't even suggest it then.

Because sooner or later you'll have to put in the work shopping.


Speaking about if you just follow a strategy it makes up for all human short comings bro.

In my life I wasn’t the tallest or the fastest etc.

But when it came to playing, I was always able to get down with the best. And the was the league that I became a professional in.

Like one of the giants said, “the game ain’t no place for lames”

See you today in the class

$250 class




Also I’m teaching on the power of having, saving and investing in gold and or diamonds.

See you at the top

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