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Get my secret conversations you are not supposed to hear & learn what works 7/19

Get my secret conversations you are not supposed to hear & learn what works 7/19

Today and today only

Get my newest pimp millionaire package for 2022

I send you my live (unedited) conversations with my various women and learn what works and what doesn’t from my live conversations.

I charge $3,650 for this every year, once a year.

But today you can get this whole year of unscripted live conversations with me and bad bitches.

How to get them,

how to put them in check,

how to get them to call you Daddy in first conversation,

How to get the money (all legit too)

How to get them on the phone with your other women

How to manage a household.

This is the holy grail (when you already know my basic foundation system for being a player that is in the catch and keep deluxe course for $3,000 or the much smaller one for $300)

Anyway get my live conversations with cold bitches, the kinds that are in n____dreams for $1500 flat.

I may do a payment plan but for the whole $3650 of $300 a week for ten weeks where you get 7 conversations a piece. For the ten weeks until paid off then you get the rest for the remaining of the year.

This is with me and nurses



Regular fl__

All types of women and ask my brother Rolls Royce Kelley or Porsche Tony I’m a knock off artist that learned from two masters.

FREE Bonus: you get to text me questions as to why I went this way in conversation and not that way kind of tactics to perfect your game ya dig!

Anyway get this today at more than half off!

Or stay regular family

If you are already in the school paying the $250 a week I’ll give you the first week free.

If you used to be with us then I’ll give you the payment plan. I’m not even offering this in public. On ig or anything.

    $3,650.00 Regular Price
    $1,500.00Sale Price
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