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the 12 levels of game. Master them & it’s on and popping for you 01/31/23

the 12 levels of game. Master them & it’s on and popping for you 01/31/23

Pimp genius jr notes

New Course

Level 1. IQ (skill intelligence)

Level 2. PQ (Physical intelligence which is double the amount of importance as IQ stay the F in shape)

Hint: if you don’t have discipline over you being in shape, how are you going to have discipline over your woman.

Bro you gotta have a six pack minimum to hang out with us.

Level 3. EQ (emotional intelligence but 3x stringer than IQ listed above)

Level 4. SQ1 (sexual intelligence) I won’t talk about this on here but we will discuss having a PhD in this course.

Level 5. SQ2 (spiritual intelligence)

You have to know God and have faith that it’s meant for you to be rich and powerful and that God wants you to be rich and powerful.

Hint: a lot of us was raised to believe that money was evil or rich people can’t make it into heaven or money doesn’t matter it’s how real you are and all that jazz. Bro… God is with the rich and with the poor. God is down with the saints and the sinners. He ain’t judging as much as we are.

Level 6. FQ (financial intelligence)

Level 7. RQ (Relationship intelligence)

And some more of it.

Level 6. FQ (financial intelligence)

Knowing and sticking to a money plan




50% bills-30%savings-20%investing plan

Having a business plan for twenty years of education, accomplishment and connections.

Also your ability to make money being at the beginning your most powerful piece.

And your ability to know credit, have credit and loan connections and raise money all year long for any reason.

Level 7. RQ (Relationship intelligence)

Not just how to hold a broad.

But your ability to find and keep connections.

And those mentors and connections becoming your life and your new circle.

And the ability to keep leveling up with bigger and bigger connections because you are getting bigger and bigger.

Level 8. CQ (conversation INtelligence)

Level 9. SQ3 (sales intelligence)

Level 10 CQ2 (credit intelligence)

Level 11 RQ2 (real estate intelligence)

Level 12 SQ3 (strategical intelligence)



Course is $1,000 on my website but if you sign up today and today only before 12:01 am

You can get it for


And that’s only for the first 15 people also

I don’t want to give this game to all y’all at a deal lol.

See you at the top bro.

Stay safe

Be smart

Be legit

And join us

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