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Finally work with me one on one for 2022 only!

Finally work with me one on one for 2022 only!

One on one game with me and you for one year - three more spots open.

Brothers have been asking me about this for the last three years, but I couldn’t find no time for one on ones and I’m building a group (with group effort) of master players. But for the last year I have been trying to figure how do I get to my seven classes a day (7 being the God like number. My good luck number and besides 3 the only number I usually fuck with being that I got free from poverty on the “get a good three and you’re free” lifestyle) and I be so tired running my businesses and having five classes a day with six on weekends then it finally hit me, I can get closer to Godliness and help the brothers out by doing something BIG like this.

“I want to turn you young and old masters into ME” but not to copy me but rather to have the exact lifestyle I have... with all of the perks.

The bad broads

The fly cars

The insane jewelry

The business with employees doing the work for you. (A P’s only real retirement)

The good credit

Enough money to drown a _____

And so more sh__.

I want you (and your broads, like mines do) to have a loyal and eager fan base for you for your ever increasing line of products and services (like my jewelry business, my mink business, my car lot, my mechanic shop and some more sh__.) that you can create on the fly to serve their needs and wants.

I want to have a seven figure (and growing) “lifestyle” business, where the only (Prospects, fans then) customers you deal with ALREADY LOVE YOU. Where selling is easy. Product and service creation is easy. And everything is legit so you can pass that lifestyle and business down to your children and your broads too if they outlive you.

I want you to be a master and to have the skills, connections and the game of the masters in this secret society of ours and in your market because all of our markets are different (that’s what makes it yours and the fact that no one can ever take it away from you. Unless you do something very stupid.)

Because you have the growing fan base that validates what a bonafide player (a GOD) that you are amongst mere mortals who don’t have the same type of vision, reach, connections (with other GODs) or power.

Do you want that? Because I have that and I want to show you how to be that, do that, have that and help you make it happen. (It’s like being a rapper in a world of speakers. It’s like being a deep poet in a world of rappers. It’s like being a philosopher in a world of regular basic suckers claiming to be it.)


All of my pimp genius projects.

All of my pimp millionaire stuff

All of my Pimp millionaire texts and emails (with you know who)

All of my alpha male challenges

All of my Bonafide player challenges.

One hour on the phone at 8pm est time everyday starting today for a year.

Oh yeah, I can’t do this sh__ for a lifetime (I won’t have time to get out and get rich fam) so this project is only for this year, when this year ends I may not ever offer this advanced one on one game and mentorship again.

Also this offer ends when January ends. If you havent sent your bread in full and grabbed up these last three spots bro, I can’t help you. You can always go into my regular class. Which I’m running late for teaching this, so I gotta go. Dm me only for payment information.

As one of the greats said before me “see you at the top”

-The Honorable Boss Hogg Macaroni


(For macking daily)

Oh yeah and no discounts for this. I onlyhave24 hours in a day and I’m not discounting them.

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