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Can you make $700 in less than 1 hour? like this student who heard me speak las

Here’s just a sample of what you would learn from me in less than one hour.
-the honorable boss hogg macaroni 

The “barriers to entry” to put up so women don’t take you for granted (while at the same time they want to F your brains out & stay loyal forever)
How to go from begging girls to make time to meet you to having girls figuring out how to fit into YOUR schedule – becoming the ultimate Mack Daddy
Why she’ll never respect you if you’re constantly available and have all the time in the world to meet her (and what to do INSTEAD – I’ll give you an example from 7 years ago that works to this very day!)
How to set the right frame between you & the girl from the very beginning so she rarely if ever questions you... and how this will help you get rich faster
Exactly what to do so she remains engaged and addicted to you almost forever instead of her getting “bored” because you’re unavailable and her going out cheating on you or leaving you (the answer is simple: you “update” her on what you’re busy with but BEWARE – most guys do it the wrong way)
How to discover what keeps her excited so she has an undying desire to flock to you like bees to honey even when you can’t see her over an extended period of time because you’re busy leveling up
When & how to make it clear the door is always open for her to leave if she’s not happy with something and makes a big deal out of everything (do this too late and she’ll actually leave you)
Pimp Era Confession: a saying we had about girls wanting you that still rings true even if you ain’t in this industry (applicable to every scenario from meeting the girl for the first time to her being obsessed with you for 17 years straight!)
Why you need to “affect” her emotionally & spiritually on a daily basis so she wants to see you again... and again... and again (but it’s very important how you do it – if you do it the wrong way, she’s in the wind)
The best way I know to demonstrating alpha male behavior: by being a king amongst _____ (I’ll reveal this when you sign up)
Lots of guys try to make it easy for the girl to respect them but it’s completely wrong... don’t turn into an asshole but do THIS instead
The San Diego story when it was raining as hell and girls were keeping me dry while strangers watching were fuming (mainstream advice will tell you to NOT do this, but here are the dirty details they don’t want you to know)
How NOT to mess up your presentation... it’s okay to present yourself as a King but it’s completely wrong to miss this one part of the equation
The secret behind the proper way to walk up to a woman without creeping her out (if you’ve ever heard about “push-pull” that’s the secret’s foundation)
Copy & paste exactly THIS “one-two punch” line when a girl tells you she has a boyfriend... it’ll flip the script on her and she might start chasing you regardless if she actually has a guy or not
How to transfer your energy onto the chick so she absorbs all of it and gets crazy about you (warning: this might make her fall head over heels for you!)
What to say to trigger her emotions in a way that she doesn’t even want to look at another man ever again... without actually promising her a future with you
Sweet Talk 101: the MAIN thing I say when I see the chick’s really turned on and can barely resist getting with me (I use nothing but my words so she’s the one who wants me to touch her when I do this)
How to f*ck her mind and give her the best sex she’s ever had WITHOUT even penetrating her... just be careful once you get inside her cause she might pop in mere seconds
Unveiling insights about my jewelry and how I make it look so fly (including where I get it and how it’s created)
The reason WHY you should want all of your material stuff to be unique... that’s how you’ll guarantee people will remember you for life
Revealing which one material possession makes women go crazy (guess which one: stacks of cash, rings, diamonds, houses, chains, watches, exotic cars)
How to spot a girl that loves you for who you actually are and one that cares only about your fancy shit... I say the exact same thing to both and their reaction exposes them
What I was doing as a teenager that made girls GRAVITATE towards me... still works today!
How I used to get girls’ numbers as an aspiring G (news flash: I didn’t actually need to get their number, they gave it to me)
4 essential things you need to do & get that will put you ahead of the game with women... one is working out
Why you wanna have 6-pack abs (it’s more so about you than the girl but it’s NOT because of looks, it’s about sending a particular message)
Curious to know if she’s worth it? Don’t make yourself available on a silver platter – make her jump through these simple hoops instead to see her true nature
Why talking to more than 1 woman at a time will weed out those who were there just for attention and will leave you with the crème de la crème only
How to instantly SPARK up your excitement by saying these few simple words so that she clings onto each one and gets infatuated with you
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