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Bonafide player course with bonuses

Bonafide player course with bonuses

Player challenge 

Day 1. How pimps think and why women will always follow us

Day 2. What I studied to make me think more like a pimp and less like the little gentleman boy my mom raised me to be (she would have got me played)

Day 3. What type of women I like and what they are into and how to find them?

Day 4. When I get one woman, how can I get her to be okay with me having other women

Day 5. How to make sure that woman is all in love

Day 6. How do I get her to do anything for me

Day 7. What do I do if she has a baby daddy who is crazy about her

Day 8. What do I do if she has a kid with no baby daddy around being the dad

Day 9. What can I do to get her to trust me with the money

Day 10. Sex... how do I have sex with her brain and mind like pimps do instead of just doing it to the body like regular men do

Day 11. How do I get the eyes 

Day 12. What do I wear when I want a bad ass woman looking at me

Day 13. What kind of car should I drive that would drive women crazy

Day 14. What workouts do I do to get a six pack and chest and arms where the women brag about it

Day 15. Do women like women and how can I get them to go out and get women with me

Day 16. What to do if I don’t have money to start with (this may be the most important one to start with)

Day 17. How do I learn to be good at conversation where she wants to do everything I say (and I mean good like me, women do everything for me)

Day 18. How do you become a dominant and your women a submissive 

Day 19. What to do if she is not naturally submissive but you want to know if she can and will be submissive to you

Day 20. How to be a alpha male in business and at home where your woman follows you

Day 21. How do I get her heart and trust to where she falls in love with me

Day 22. What books did I read growing up

Day 23. What business books did I read

Day 24. How to get your first house if you only have credit or down payment money

Day 25. How to get a apt or condo or townhome for any woman you have fast

Day 26. The fastest way I know of to fix your credit (hell this is the only real way I know to get good credit and use it asap)

Day 27. What if she brings up God and religion to slow you down

Day 28. What if she keeps bringing up your other women

Day 29. How to get her to want to see you win and actually put money into your business and dreams 

Day 30. When should your girlfriends meet each other

Bonus: I will show you where to find your next house online

Bonus 2: where do I get my starter jewelry and where you can get you some good jewelry too

Bonus 3: how to start your first business with a little money

Super bonus: hear three hours of me talking live to all new women

Super bonus 2: interviews with my women talking about what they liked about me
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