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Be Remarkable. Be Remembered. Your Memory should be cherished and brag 6/10/22

Be Remarkable. Be Remembered. Your Memory should be cherished and brag 6/10/22

Today my friends father is in the hospital saying his goodbyes and it made me think to talk about

“What you are leaving behind when you’re gone”

“How do you make sure you leave enough money behind for your kids and siblings and your woman (or women if you’re a player) and maybe even your mother or father if they are still around?”

Are you leaving behind great business partnerships with honorable people who will let your son come in and run your percentage?

Or are you dealing with shady people right now?

Who as soon as you are gone they will try to f___ over your family fast about your shares?

And be careful because this happened to me.. O left the streets with around two million a bunch of years ago and

All of the brothers who loved working for me when I was a cool street guy, when I was retired from the streets and needing to survive on those weekly and daily checks, them brothers (each of them closed down business and went bankrupt.

It’s a dirty game.

Any way we are going to talk about the life and what all you can accomplish.

One of my students I talked to yesterday and we haven’t talked in years he was

He was telling me that I am the reason that he has his rolls Royce and the mob is the reason that he has three smalll apartment buildingsand is legit today.

Because I pressed him and backed up off him when he didn’t start a business bro.

This ain’t just a wanna be player school. We must make accomplishments.

Start business.

Anyway me and him got to laughing about the time me and him almost took two of the pornstars home with us after a seminars l in Las Vegas.

And another time on a break when I got off the stage teaching in Hollywood at a another seminar and this fine b___ ran up on the stage to choose lol

And another time on a break in between my time to speak in West Hollywood and I got like 23 numbers in that hr we was on break.

And I forgot about all that so we had a good time talking and remembering the s__.

Also as a bonus we will talk about what to say back when a woman at work gives you a compliment.

Anyway join us and be somebody for your family before your time is up.

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