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Be a success package and course. Join the players 6/4/22

Be a success package and course. Join the players 6/4/22

Have something that you love so much that you’ll give your life and time for it!

Let me rephrase that for the snitches, haters, suckers and busters… I’m not meaning to die in the streets or go to prison for it.

(We did that, your older brothers so you don’t have to fam. What Jay said “Hov did that so hopefully you don’t have to go through that” stay free and legit n___)


But give your all to becoming a success.

F___ chilling with broads.

F___ chilling with the homies.

F___ everything that’s not addi be to your success story because you owe it to yourself and to your parents and to your children and to your hood and to GOD to be a success.

And your success story will make other brothers want to be a success also.

(Your best way to give back)

From about 16 until maybe 21 I was trying to figure it out.

From 21 until 28 I had to figured out.

After 28 the rest of my life starts.

Look at your life like playing college then pro basketball

Then how long you want to stay in the league and hat type of career you had etc.

Stop playing around

Join us today

$1,000 class

With the $1,000 course in bonuses

And a week in the school



Our #secretsociety

Join the players or back up

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