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Banish insecurity forever with this one system

Banish insecurity forever with this one system

Imagine this story

A average p__p wakes  up I’m his bed..
His room is dark and seeing the Silouette of his woman, he stares are her curiously, wondering what foolishness she has really been into lately.

Since she just came back to him after being on the go for months
 (and he didn’t know why she left in the first place but anyway now she is home… he is thinking, should he just be happy that this untrustworthy mother______ is home) or should he do some snooping and go through her phone to see what else she has going on or may be trying to set up fr her next move.

Knowing that the game is all about knowing his womans next move, he snoops.

He quietly eases her phone from under her 

(thinking, look this slick a__ b___ was trying to sleep on her phone so I wouldn’t see something) 

Maybe some guy texted her
Maybe she has some videos with some n___

His mind is starting to think so to not get caught, he takes her phone into the bathroom and turns on the over head fan and keeps the light off..

He searches deep and finds that she is still talking to the last guy you just got her back from. Wtf???!!!!

Why is she playing with me?

Now reader do you confront her?
Maybe him and her?
Maybe ignore it and go back to sleep and check her phone each night and just get your dough?

If you confront her what do you say to get her to stay and to stop talking to dude?

If she leaves when you bring it up, how do you make sure you get her back before you lose your energy and get into depression like years ago before you got her?

Order now for details of what to do? What the guy did? What I did? And what the real will do at any and all times.
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