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Any owner can do better by taking off his biz cap & gtng his hands dirty in the

Any owner can do better by taking off his biz cap & gtng his hands dirty in the

2pm class is a advanced class for the brothers in the mob only

But I thought I’d give

Y’all a little bit

Of game real quick

To inspire y’all to one day join us

Anyway I just read something

A major player said in his book

“Any C.E.O (a professional player) can do a much better job if he peels off the business suit (the arrogance and thoughts of what you’ve earned and won’t do again) and put on the jewelry and gators (for a player) and get his hands dirty in the factory.

This is not saying for anyone including me to go back to the streets.

This is saying that we get back to the foundation of how we got here but revisiting things that have been so good to us long ago and today.

For me that’s going out campaigning and shopping.

“What is it for you?”


In honor of this new game

I’m offering my 30 day attract a keep em 30 day challenge

For half price

$3,000 value

But today only $500 (yes cheaper than the regular $1,500)

Message me for PayPal etc

No strangers

No guys with no profile pics sold to

Attract and keep smart & beautiful women 30 day challenge

Here’s what included in the attract her series..

1. Saving money secrets, I used to put up money to get started changing my life.

2. The power of a strong man staring a woman down.

3. Invite the drama

4. Get rid of feelings completely.

5. Get ahead and stay ahead of your broad to keep things going the right way and in order.

6. How I went from $0 -$100,000 in this game fast and how you can too.

7. Stop getting the short end of the stick.

8. How to get out and into the world and come home with you a fine ass woman.

9. What I learned from my mentors.

10. How I bumped my first million dollar broad to build my empire with.

11. How I hurried up to lock her down to make sure she wanted to stay and to make sure I never fell off again.

12. The keys to holding your woman and getting her to want to hold on to you. Vol 2

13. The keys to holding your woman forever. Vol 3.

14. The keys to holding your woman forever. Vol 4.

15. Becoming hardcore and becoming cold and gaining the killer instinct that it takes to be successful.

16. Getting yourself ready to have her for the next 20 years.

17. Bonus work with another expert who mastered how to go to a strip club and leave going home with strippers every time.

18. My early understanding of how to keep fine ass women. “Putting a thorn in her paw that only you can get out.”

19. The role desire and vision plays in this life.

20. Vol 2 Desire and vision for you and your woman’s future.

21. How to get her ears to love you. “The ears part of the eyes, ears, brain, mind, heart, body and soul system that I created”

22. “How to cop a b____s mind”

23. Using media to help your game.

24. Using the media to help your game vol 2.

25. Killing the competition vol 1

26. Killing the competition vol 2

27. Killing the competition vol 3

28. Killing the competition vol 4

29. Money system. Fast lane game of what works.

30. Money system vol 2. Fast lane game of what works.


Pimp millionaire series

Here is how I got my latest woman down with me.

Vol 1. The approach

Vol 2. The interest and her calling me Daddy

Vol 3. How to own her and the money part

Vol 4. Her leaving her fiancé and how that went unedited

Vol 5. Us starting our life right after that.

The class breakdown of what you just heard. Me and my woman breaking down our relationship and what each side was thinking at this time.

How usually you or the woman has seen

A successful relationship that lasted

40 years together and so you know that you have

A good broad and she wants to stay

But also that she knows how”

And that changed my life

I used to treat b___ like I was settling for them until my second mentor taught me

“How to stick with your bitch in times of need

And how to have them want to stick with you.

I’ll give you a hint to one secret that I am going to teach in the class (just because I love y’all)

Write a letter to the old you. Maybe the little kid you. But definitely the most influential time for you

With old pictures.

Have her write a letter to the old her. In the timeline that she needed to hear it most.

With old pictures.

Read these letters with the pictures showing them to each other.

Man to keep h__ takes work

I know many ways to put in that work but you have to find it and to keep all of your women and at the same time

How to find your happy medium

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