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Addition with new bonuses to the New 30 day Bonafide player challenge series

Just added three NEW bonuses to my 
30 day challenge to become a Bonafide Player

Bonus 1
For the guys who thought man I don’t have a proper broad so I can’t become a Bonafide player 
in 30 days

Now you get my 

Attracting your first smart and beautiful woman and how to keep her obsessed with you for life 
Day dedicated to that one skill

Bonus 2
For the guys who thought damn what if I don’t have any money to become a player because you and all the real OGs gave me the game on lives or wherever that it cost money to be a player 
(to live this lifestyle) 

For those guys, now you get

How to raise $100,000 in 100 days system that I live by (really only lived in the MOB as our family business (but now I will teach you the broad strokes and when you want to master this, you just join the MOB and we work that system every three months bro)

Second you get my 

How to  come up with $30,000 fast
With examples of how I did it and we will talk about how you can too.

Bonus 3 
Sounds silly but guys think this so let’s get into it

The objection is what if I’m not a cute guy or not in the best shape like y’all or girls don’t usually go for me

Now you get

A system I’ve been working all my life 

How to not compete with the other cute guys game of how to 

“Make yourself into a fine model type, 
The kind that women of all types and in every state go CRAZY over 

And this can be accomplished in 30 days!

Hint: it’s only 7 steps that you must do and if you do t do these steps you’ll never be fine to a smart and beautiful (a baddie) broad

Anyway if you like this stuff added
Order now

30 day challenge is $3,000 value
But today for you 
Only $1,000

I have a couple of surprise bonuses too.
And you get the usual added bonuses.

Dm me
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