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1st Class of the secrets of the masters & what it takes to be 1 of the Great6/21

1st Class of the secrets of the masters & what it takes to be 1 of the Great6/21

Today I’m doing one of my first days of a new course called

“Here are the secrets of becoming a Great Player with all of the money, women, minks, Rolex watches, custom rings, exotic cars and multiple homes to live in

or your money back!”

This idea started with one of the brothers asking me to tell him about one of the greats that I still admire a f______ lot.

And it made me remember when I used to ask my two mentors about different players that I heard of that I was hoping they ran into and had stories about.

And the game is a amazing thing

If you were really about it, you usually always had a story with one of the big players because they all ran in the circles of the big players.

For example I remember my first mentor brought up that in Hollywood they had their own Rolls Royce Circle.

“Where every player at that table drove a Rolls and was really p______!”

And I was fascinated.

Way before I was a somebody I survived off all of these stories and went out and about my p____

Thinking I have to be great like them.

And I don’t mind telling you that I wouldn’t be shit without my mentors and their friends who had just as much juice as them (or they wouldn’t have been hanging out )

The game is special

Anyway we are going to raise the player consciousness with this one.

As it did for me.

This first installment is about a great out of Chicago.

And they was really p________ in those years.


Even I’m excited to talk about and to listen about this one.

Sign up today

$,000 class

But only $500 if you sign up in the next hr before this class is over.






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